What is the purpose of the Contributor License Agreement?

The Contributor License Agreement (“CLA”) contains a nonexclusive license from you of the  rights needed to  utilize,  publish and distribute your contributed content, and confirms that you retain ownership of the copyright in your contributions. Also, the CLA is part of an automated system that keeps track of contributions to our projects.

Do I need to complete a CLA for every project?

No. You only need to complete the CLA one time, It covers all of your contributions to current and future projects.

Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address so that we can contact you regarding your contribution if we need to. Also, your email address is used by our automated contribution tracking system when it creates the commit history for each project. We use the commit history to make sure that all contributors have agreed to the nonexclusive CLA. This means that your email address in git needs to match your email address in your CLA. The commit history for some projects is a publicly accessible part of the project.

How do I set my email address in git to match my CLA email address?

There are two basic scenarios for setting your email address.

  • If you are just using the Atlas service to make contributions, the Atlas service  will automatically associate the name and email address you provided when you signed up with your contributions. So, all you have to do is make sure that you use that email address on the CLA.
  • If you are using git as a client (for instance, on the command line, bypassing Atlas all together), make sure you set your email address in your git.config, as described in GitHub's Setting your email in git